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burnt mill - organism 02 6.2%

Just like an organism, beer can be very simple or very complex. O2 is the second of our evolving IPA's. We have started to layer the malts with a touch of buckwheat to add a richness and nutty base. We then whirlpooled with Strata hops and dry hopped with Strata and Enigma. The hops have been chosen to compliment each other, we are enhancing Strata's punchy passion fruit aromas with notes of tart berries, lime, pineapple and passion fruit from Enigma.


Our new DIPA is packed with Strata, HBC431, Mosaic cryo, Motueka and the ‘Cryo pop’ blend! It’s got aromas of ripe, tropical fruit and a pillowy body that disguises its strength!

vault city - strawberry sundae 5%

Sweet and juicy Scottish strawberries pair perfectly with our sour base beer to create something smooth and full bodied

rocket skates 9% dipa - black iris x firerock

Citra and mosaic Cryo DIPA collab brew

freaks to the front 6.5% - black iris

aussie neipa

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