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check out our society page and either go as a one off purchase or sign up monthly


Select a delivery/collection that suites you


Relax and savour your craft collection of 6 beers each month as part of our SBD craft community with all the perks that come with it!

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After a long career running other people’s pubs, Stephen and his family moved to Stamford 6 years ago to run a pub of their own. Stephen understood he had to match the breweries passion for making the beer to serve it at its best and has become well known making the Kings Head a place to go for a top tier pint... 

The Kings Head in Stamford is also well known for its great staff, cosy interiors, stone courtyard and using local suppliers to develop a small menu which is as tasty as it is quick! 

In the intial lockdown we decided to take that passion to the road and bring it to your doorstep, delivering beers to the masses whether it was canned or tap. After a quickly evolving environment and an increasing crowded online space, we have now tailored our online beer supply into mainly a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION MODEL. 


Its here where you can get 6 beers each month which showcase some of the best breweries in the industry. We pick new and established breweries alike who are constantly pushing the envelope on quality, style and invention. Whilst the pack itself is already of superb value you also recieve some great society perks along with the subscription. These include a society night at our pub getting to know your craft community and being part of our discount craft club, where you can get all the latest stock for a 10%+ discount which is so popular most of the time the stock doesnt even make it to the website!

we hope to see your doorstep soon!

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