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Here at Stamford Beers Direct we care about good beers, getting to you in good time, at the best possible value we can.

Whether its an impromptu session or a planned zoom party or BBQ, we can supply you with some great chilled* beers and ciders to your door in a safe, considered way. As the business moves forward we will regularly consider our shipping methods & radius as to fit your needs as best we can.


We always endeavour to deliver great beers in great condition but at busy times, extreme weather or big orders we may not be able to cool them as much as we’d like.

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The Kings Head

The Kings Head in Stamford is well known for its high quality ales. Stephen understood he had to match the breweries passion for making ale to serve it at its best. 

Over the last year there has been a little flicker in the back of our mind of opening a craft beer shop. Whilst the Kings Head takes a momentary pause we’ve decided there’s no better time to give it our full focus. 

With nearly 20 years combined experience in the industry the family has built up many relationships within the beer trade and they hope to continue broadening them over time. Working with breweries directly as much as they can they will get the best price for you AND them.

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The New Venture


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